What are the functions of cleansers, toners, and moisturizer, and why we should use them?

Cleanser may be in the form of soaps, rinsable cleansers, milk or creams. the suitability of a cleanser depends on the classification of your skin type, EX: normal, combination, dry or oily.

cleansing is necessary to remove deep pores grime, stale make-up surface impurities and also the excess oils the skin naturally secretes.

The basic steps to skin care are:
1. cleanse
2. tone
3. moisturise

normal and combination skin:
Cleanse: use cleansing milk or lotion to remove all traces of make=up and surface impurities, taking special care to the eye area by using a cleanser specifically formulated for the eyes. for those who prefer to use soap, please remember to use only mild soap specially designed for this purpose.

Tone: for the oily areas of combination skin use slightly astringent tonic and avoid the eye area. use a normal toner for the face.

to moisturize: use a lightly textured moisturizer all over, even on the oilier areas. you may blot the t-bar sections after 10 - 15 minutes to remove any excess moisture which has not been absorbed.

Oily skin:
Cleanse: wash your face with facial soap for oily skins (be sure not to use one which will be too drying). avoid soap around the eye area, rinse well in running water.

tone: use an astringent tonic- the strength will depend on the oiliness of your skin. if it's only slightly oily, dampen cotton wool with water first, as some astringents used at full strength can be too drying.

moisturizer: even oily skins require moisture. apply it sparingly, concentrating on areas around the eyes, the mouth, and the throat. After 10 - 15 minutes blot any excess. The purpose of the moisturizer is two-fold: it not only softens but also protects the skins from the outside elements, such as pollution, sun, and air conditioning.

Dry Skin:
Cleanser: use a cleansing milk or cream. avoid the use of soap on dry and sensitive skins; too harsh.

tone: use a very mild skin tonic containing no alcohol, and avoid the eye area.

moisturize: dry skins require a slightly richer cream, but be careful not to overdo the application as the skin can only absorb so much and the rest will be wasted.

Sensitive skin:
The reasons for this skin type can vary greatly and careful attention is required. there are many cosmetic brands that specialize in dealing with sensitive skin, such as Clinique. their products are allergy tested and fragrance-free and can suit many people who have been unsuccessful in finding a satisfactory product.
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