Hey Beauties!

I know this may be a bit too early, but believe it or not the 2017 heartist award is coming soon and many of you have asked me about how I became a 2016 heartist.
Starting right now if you follow these tips you will be one step closer to receiving the notification this December that you did it.


Always have an open mind and always stay positive, don't give up just because you "FEEL" like you wont make it this year. Remember there is next year! don't feel defeated if you don't receive the 2017 heartist.

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♛Heart Daily!(Make a schedule)

I know, I KNOW! You have a life and it dosent revolve around WHI. But you have to heart daily. It does not have to be every single day, but make sure throughout the week you make a daily routine to post pictures, because the We Heart It team mostly looks for the most active and dedicated hearters to recongnize every year.

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♛Your follower count doesn't matter!

You can still be an heartist if you have 100 followers versus someone with 100k . Like I stated in tip number 2, its all about your dedication!

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This is optional, of course but having a theme on your page helps a lot because it

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These amazing tips have helped me so much for the past 2 years with acheiveing the 2015 and 2016 heartist and I know this will help you too.

Have more questions?
Feel free to message me at anytime with anything about Whi.

helps your page look more organized and more professional, and can also help a ton with getting your page recognized .

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