Changes can come in every way possible. They can be really good and also pretty bad ones, and they usually show up without any warning. I've been facing big amounts of them. Right now I feel miserable about them, maybe because my life will turn upside down. But I've been there before. I must admit that not all the changes in my life turned out really well, but some of them not only introduced me to some of the best people i've ever known, but also were extremely helpful when it comes to my mind's evolution.
I deeply believe in the fact that the human race is afraid of the new and unknown. But how are we ever going to find out if it is going to be the time of our lives if we don't even try? Just close your eyes and think about your favorite food or about your best friend, whatever you prefer. Now imagine if you never tried to eat that food or never tried to be nice and have an interesting conversation with that person. Wouldn't that be sad? Maybe it's time for us to be a little less scared of change. And what if it was all a terrible idea? Screw it. Learn something from it. Make the best out of it. Dream about better times and make them real.