I work full-time and take online classes at Ashworth College throughout the week and weekend. For those who take online classes as well will probably understand how difficult it can be to focus and keep up with your classes. So here are some helpful tips to get you on that work grind!

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Play Background Music

I noticed that I focus and enjoy studying online a lot more when I am listening to relaxing music. I even made a YouTube playlist for when I study and it actually makes me look forward to reading since I enjoy the songs so much.

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Wear Comfy Yet Nice Clothing

Obviously one of the best perks of online college is getting to wear whatever you want without anyone being there to judge! I recommend wearing something comfortable while you study so you won't focus more on being in uncomfortable clothing. But also make sure it isn't ratty clothing because studies shown that you are actually in a better mood when you wear clothes that are in nice condition.

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Have a Bottle of Water & Snacks With You

Having a bottle of water and snacks next to you will remind you to keep hydrated and fueled up while you continue to study. Keep that brain hydrated!

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Study 30-60 Minutes

It is important to study in small sections such as 30 to 60 minutes so your brain will not be overwhelmed. Studying for long periods of time will have your mind all cluttered and you won't retain the information anymore anyway.

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Put That Phone Away

Obviously, you need to put your phone away from you while you study. You are definitely more likely to look at it especially when you hear it go off or see notifications popping up on the screen.

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Try Studying in Different Places

It's nice to mix it up where I study instead of being in my room or the office all the time. I love heading over to my local coffee shop when I have free time. Grabbing a cup of coffee and settling down in the little shop always motivates me to study!

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