Let's get into the autumn/fall spirit

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I'll try to help you with it, decorate your house, apartment, condo whatever it is.
Who says your house cannot look like those in the pictures over here or even better?
This is possible!

  • start by buying many different pumpkins, different by color, size, beauty... bring them home and put a few on the entrance, a few in the garden (if you have one), some at the beginning of the stairs, some others on the table in the kitchen and so on, wherever you think they would look cute.
  • Decorate your own room with fairy lights, some (little) Christmas decoration, things made with wood, lanterns (you can put these outside near the pumpkins, too), candles... Bring a lot of blankets and pillows in your room and put them on your bed or on the carpet where in the evening you can watch a movie or a tv series.
  • wear a lot of warm big huge sweaters and scarfs and winter caps and DON'T EVER LET OTHERS JUDGE YOU only because you're not stylish or something else, you need to feel comfortable and warm, not stylish or whatever (believe me I know what I'm talking about because I live in the city of fashion and I see everyday girls who are dressed like it's summer just because they want to look cool but in reality they are freezing!!!)
  • Go with some friends, with your family and family friends, or with your bf in a wood near your town/village/city and take chestnuts or collect the most colorful leaves you find. After that, you could cook the chestnuts and eat them together.
  • bake a fat warm cake, you can easily find some good recipes by googling "autumn cake recipes". Drink hot chocolate, tea, coffee or eat chocolate pudding or a cake in front of a warm fireplace or in front of a good seasonal movie.
  • read a book, even if you think you're not a reader, go to the library and stay as long as you need to, read the summary on the back of the book and if you're not convinced read some pages... there MUST be the perfect book for you. I'm not a reader, I swear you I never finished a book, never. But I found this three books three or four years ago and I read them every autumn; I don't need to finish them I stop reading in winter even if I'm at the 15th chapter, I honestly don't know the reason but I feel into reading only in autumn, for some reason.

So I finished, I know it's quite long, sorry if you don't like to read a lot, oopsy

hope you're gonna heart it xx