I was pleasantly surprised to see that my roommates are nice, responsable people that I can count on.

The library is equipped with the latest technology. New computers, 24h lecture hall, free water bottles on every floor and so on. A perfect ambience to stay there forever.

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I made a lot of acquaintance. Some of them are pretty cool. However, I need to be very careful with who I become friends with. Even if a part of me wants to be nice with all of them, I will need to pay attention not to send the wrong signals to some people. I must choose my friends wisely.

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Also, most of my teachers are very educated people and I can learn a lot from them. Not just about their class, but also about how to grow as a person and develop certain skills.

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Most of all I love this freedom that another city gives you. I can go wherever I want , whenever I want. I can choose what to eat and when. Even the resonsabilities are not that bad. I am not the person who abuses of these things.

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I like it.