As you may have noticed fall is approaching, and depending on where you're living the weather is changing fast. Here where I live, this period of time is known for getting a cold (and of course for the beautiful colored leaves on the ground...). So these are a few things to do on one of those days when you're sick and are too tired to do anything (or every other day when you're just being lazy and don't feel like doing anything).

1) Get some rest
Resting is very important when you are sick because your body actually needs it and is telling you to rest through the aches and tiredness. So it is very important that you listen to your body even if you had plans like going to the gym, for a jog or a hike... Cancel them and stay home instead. And don't be scared to skip a day of college or call your boss or principal to tell them you won't be able to come because you are sick. It is totally natural and understandable that you need to rest.

2)Have a healthy meal
When sick, it is important that you give your body the nutrients it is lacking. Have a chicken salad, a steak with steamed vegetables and a potato or anything healthy for that matter. I promise you will feel better afterwards. Also, don't forget to stay hydrated! Drink drink and drink (water, of course). Some people also like vitamin water or drinks like Gatorade to help you get some energy while staying hydrated (drinking too much of them can be bad though so be careful).

3)Treat yourself
But you are sick after all, so you also deserve that piece of cake or chocolate with a good cup of tea or coco. Treat yourself not only with food but also with watching a good old Disney movie like Princess Protection Program (I watched it a few days ago when I was sick and it brought so many memories back). You can also spend a few hours on Facebook, We Heart It and Pinterest and look at all the new fall collections!

4)Binge watch
I honestly believe that especially when you are sick (or, you know, always) you deserve to binge watch on your favorite series! When I was sick, I managed to watch a whole season of Teen Wolf in one day (20 episodes). By the way who else is really sad about Teen Wolf ending?? I still have the second half of the sixth season to watch and I am so sad it is over that i don't want to finish it!

I hope you now have ideas about what to do on a sick (or lazy) day. And if you are sick I hope you rest and feel better soon!

-Lots of kisses