Hello guys?!
This publication is intended for all people, but especially for the adolescents who are in the Primary School or, as I am in high school, with this text I try to say how important the study is, how important it is to acquire knowledge, especially Today in day, I hope everyone likes it.

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For a long time, study is extremely important, try to get as much knowledge as possible, since we can not acquire all the existing knowledge because we need to be immortal for it. But even if we can not acquire all the knowledge, we can try to conquer it to the maximum, searching for new things, seeking to understand things.
Studies say that in the future, people will have to compete not with each other, but with robots, imagine you, me, we have to be so smart, so awesome, have a mind as fabulous as robots to succeed. How to achieve this? Just studying, but not just going to school, but going and studying, understand what your teachers taught ...
No matter where you live, it does not matter who you are, no matter how people tell you that you will not be able to ever give up on your dreams, because a person who does not dream, maybe she is not so alive. To realize your dreams, the most honest, rewarding and just way will be through study, your knowledge, some that no one takes away from you as Albert Einstein said.
Those who seek to acquire knowledge, cease to be less ignorant, become more intelligent, more intelligent to survive on this planet that people have become cold and cruel, so seek to acquire knowledge, to study always, because for those who have knowledge has power!