Hey guys! It's me...Whitney!!
I'm really feeling these articles because they allow me to share my innermost thoughts and I thought that maybe if I put my articles on a schedule that would be POPPIN!! SOOOO... my articles day will be WEDNESDAY. Isn't that exciting? You might not think so now but trust be girl you will!

For my first Wednesday article (even though I started too late and it might be Thursday when this gets posted...hey, life happens) I thought I would introduce myself to you. So without further ado...I present ME!

What is your middle name? My middle name is Erin.

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What was favorite subject at school? When I was in high school, my favorite subject was any art class that I was taking (sculpture, drawing, graphic design, and the list goes on)
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What is your favorite drink? Being that I am from and currently live in Atlanta, COCA-COLA ALL DAY!!!! What even is Pepsi?!?
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What is your favorite song at the moment? Right now my favorite song has to be B.E.D. by Jacquees. Cue body roll!
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What is your favorite food? I honestly have a problem and I think its only getting worse LMAO I LOOOOOVVEEEE anything made from potatoes (except for mashed potatoes). Chips, french fries, tater tots I am here for it all girl!
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What is the last thing you bought? Food because I am a hungry college student who cant seem to keep her fridge stocked...it's sad really.
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Favorite book of all time? There was this book I read a while ago called The Year I Turned Sixteen by Dianne Schwemm. It's long as life itself but it is sooo good! It's split up into fourths and each part is each of the four sisters talking about their sixteenth birthday and what happens within that year.
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Favorite Color? Right now it might be yellow but to be honest, it is constantly changing. I'm indecisive AF.
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Do you have any pets? I did. his name was Happy and he was a Cocker Spaniel but unfortunately he died in February.
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Favorite Perfume? I like almost any seasonal body spray from Bath and Body Works and I change my scent with the changing seasons. I know, I'm basic, but I'm okay with it!
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Favorite Holiday? Christmas for sure, hands down, no competition. I love everything about that time of year! The lights, the food, the SALES!!
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Are you married? Girl, I don't even have a boyfriend.
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Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times? Yes once, I went to Greece. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!
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Do you speak any other language? Does sarcasm count? No? Then no...English is all I got.
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How many siblings do you have? One sister, she's 17, oh and I'm 21 by the way
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What is your favorite store? I LOVE craft stores, but I was walking through Micheal's today and I realized I'm more of a Hobby Lobby girl..so yea. I just like to walk through them and get ideas for projects that I'm too broke to actually do (life of a college student)
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Favorite restaurant? IDK anything with anything TASTY!
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When was the last time you cried? Like last week cause your girl was stressed! College ain't no joke.
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Favorite Blog? I don't have one. maybe someone can change that!
Flagged For Review
Favorite Movie? SHARK TALE. forever. period. NEXT
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Favorite TV show? I watch so many TV shows so I couldn't even name one.
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PC or Mac? PC, because it just seems easier but I have both.
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What phone do you have? I have a Samsung Galaxy S8. Its cool and it works so no complaints. I, personally think the whole team iPhone, team Android thing is stupid but the memes are hilarious!
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How tall are you? 5'7"
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Can you cook? Uhh...yeah I cooked today and it was the bomb.com

Well that's me. Message me and tell me something about you or some similarities we might have. I NEED FRIENDS GUYS...no joke.
Anyway, that's it, check out some collections of mine, message me some article ideas and just stay tuned!

Peace out, Whitney