Today I'm here sharing my September playlist aka the songs I could not stop listening to the past month.

Location -- Khalid

Image by Sinthia travel, map, and adventure image

Ahead of Myself -- X Ambassadors

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Galway Girl -- Ed Sheeran

galway, ireland, and irish image music, violin, and instrument image

Shine On Me -- Dan Auerbach

guitar, car, and music image girl, sun, and summer image

Look What You Made Me Do -- Taylor Swift

dark, Queen, and black image pink, smoke, and forest image

Temporary Love -- The Brinks

love, couple, and hands image couple, city, and run image

Feeling Okay -- Best Coast

girl, sleep, and water image girl, aesthetic, and alternative image

Shooting the Moon -- OK Go

moon, city, and night image flowers, sunflower, and astronaut image

Too Good at Goodbyes -- Sam Smith

love, couple, and hug image love, couple, and autumn image

Subterranean Homesick Blues -- The Lumineers

Temporarily removed Image by M N SH

Bonfire Heart -- James Blunt

fire, nature, and mountains image Temporarily removed

and that's it! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!