Hi everyooone ;)

I'm happy to be back for this second day of 30 Days Writing Challenge, and today it's phase 2 ... Here we goo :p

Day 2 : Put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs. Say Something about it.

1 - I'll show you - Justin Bieber
This song make me think of my ex boyfriend, and also friend. He was probably the biggest fan of JB I've ever known.

2 - Break Free - Ariana Grande
I'm not a big fan of Ariana , I even don't like her, but this song and some others are really catchy and on this song in particular he collab with Zedd is a real good idea, the rythm is even more catchy.

3 - Little Me - Little Mix
I discovered this song when I was in highschool and I immedialty fell in love with it. The voices of the girls are great, the melody is beautiful and the lyrics are Worth listening to the music. I think it's one of my favourite songs by Little Mix.

4 - Black Widow - Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora
Yaaas bitch, Iggy is everything. I feel really badass when I listen to this song, the lyrics are so cool and Iggy's rap is like fiiiiire (as always).

5 - Video Games - Lana Del Rey
Oh my God, oldies but goodies. This was the first song that made Lana famous if I remember well, and at first I thought it was depressing af but some years after I re-listened to it and I loved it ... guess once I understood the lyrics I enjoyed it.

6 - Sorry seems to be the hardest world - Blue ft Elton John
You may not know the title of this song but you will immediatly recognize its melody. It's kind of a old song but the voices of the guys are so smooth and it's kinda sexy and soft at the same time, this song is everything.

7 - Bouncer - Showtek
LMAO this is not the same kind of music as the previous one but this is the song on which it is kinda impossible not to turn up. This is a clubbing song so not everyone will like it but honestly if you are into this kind of music, go listen to it. Personnally it reminds of nights out with my squad last summer :D

8 - Litty - Meek Mill ft Tory Lanez
This is the Thug music by excellance lmao. I'm into my American rap phase and I have a bunch of musics like this one to listen to in the morning, while I go to the university.

9 - Chantaje - Shakira ft Maluma
Oh boy this song is so famous in France. In every clubs, you can be sure that you will hear this song at least once (if it's not more). Its latino vibes remind me of summer and hot evenings , partying with friends and everything.

10 - Afro trap (part. 5) - MHD
French rapper. Famous worldwide. Those four words only can describe this amazing guy. MHD is a French rapper really famous in France, and also a lot of Americans love him. In his songs you will find RNB vibes, Afro trap vibes, and all sort of things that make every single songs exceptionnaly catchy.

This Day 2 is now over, I hope you enjoyed it, and once again, if you don't know MHD, go check his YouTube channel, it really Worth it guys ;)

xx <3