You know the phrase - "Old, but gold"? It could be very well-used about the 1987 movie "Dirty dancing".
It is one of those movies which leaves you with a melted heart and a really great feelling after it ends. It really made me cry and laugh, and feel uncomfortable in a way, and sympathize the characters. And in my opinion, when a movie succeed in making you feel emotions, different emotion while watching it, it is indeed a good one.
I cannot say the movie has some deep storyline, but for those kind of movies, where music and dancing are brought to the attention of the audience, it doesn't have to. Although there are some really well-made twists and surprises that the story gives and it is that exactly what makes it so charming, winning and satisfying.

Let's not forget to mention and the wounderful acting of the two main characters - Patrick Sweyze and Jeniffer Grey. At first I thought that there will be no chemistry between them, but they definetly surprised me and showed amazing conduct. I actually think they had a lot of fun shooting all of their scenes, and that is why the final result totally deserves the Oscar and the other 11 wins.
I loudly recommend the movie. It is perfect for the lazy weekends, rainy afternoons or even for the dates in.
I would really like to hear your thoughts about the movie, or some recommendations about others that really touched your hearts.
Gabbie ~