If you clicked here, it's maybe because you're looking for an answer. I'm sorry but I don't have one right now. But I think I can help you to look for the real questions you should ask yourself in order to find who you really are.

So put down your phone tablet or whatever device you're using right now and ask yourself "who am I?".

Some of you maybe answered by your name. What if your parents didn't named you by your name? Or even what if your parents weren't your parents and you were born on the other side of the earth, would you still be yourself?
you could've been named Sara, Natalia, Sonia, Lucy, Fatima, or Michael, stefan, jordan, Hakeem ...

So, you can't be defined by your name.
Let me ask you again, WHO ARE YOU?

Maybe you can answer by you job or profession. I'm a psychologist, an engineer, a clown, a thief, a writer, a businessman or whatever. But what if you had another job or even worse, you were Joblessness? would you still be yourself?

Maybe you can answer with some qualities, I'm nice, mature, smart, cute, attractive,... But there are other persons with those same characteristics as you and they are still other persons right ?So, WHO ARE YOU?

I'm going to stop here for now. Don't forget to follow me to see the second part.