Hello everyone!

How have you been My dear Scrollers?

As you see I'm still trying to get Involved in this Article things , I get inspired a lot from others on WHI , so I thought I should Post more often.

anyway here is my little playlist for this week , I know I'm a bit late but oh well , Better late than never.

Anne-marie -Alarm

amazing, anne, and beautiful image

Dua lipa -New rules

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Dua lipa -No lie

Lyrics, songs, and dua lipa image

Dua Lipa -scared to be lonely

alternative, couple, and easel image

Sunmi -Gashina

sunmi and wonder girls image
wonder girls and sunmi image

Suicide squad -Gangsta

joker, harley quinn, and suicide squad image

Taylor Swift -Look what you made me do

aesthetic, headers, and Lyrics image

dua lipa -bang bang

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Bts -DNA

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bts -MIC drop

jin, kpop, and v image

That's It~

If you are Reading This, Thank you so much ❤ Much love ❤