Day 1 Write an article that's about you!

First of all my name is Alma, you know like a soul. I'm quite proud of my name but sometimes I go by Rosie because my middle name is Rosa.

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That's me!

I'm originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico but I was raised in Boulder, Colorado so I consider it my hometown. I love Colorado and all four seasons it has to offer. It is a beautiful place, especially in the mountains!

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People say I'm a quirky girl but I say I'm just being myself and not caring about what others think. Call me a bookworm, a daydreamer, a hopeful romantic, an optimist to a fault. Whatever it is I'll know that I'm being completely myself and that's enough!

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Luna Lovegood is my spirit animal

I'm a writer, a poet, an enthusiast in life :)

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And like Katelyn Tarver once said,
"I'm just a girl with crazy dreams. I see the sun in everything. I hold on to what I believe like love and trust and you and me."

It's good, so good like it should be :)

More Articles to come! I'm excited hehe