hello there,

yes I decided to do the 15 days writing challenge ( credits to @eifos9 ) because I wish to write as full time job and I really would like to become a writer of articles in weekly magazines.

let's start!

I'm Susan I have three names and I don't like even one of them, sad.
I'm 17 years old, I live in the countryside of Milano (there's currently the Milan fashion week going on) but I go to school in the city, it's like 45 minutes in the morning with the bus and underground.
I have two brothers Peter and Christian (we all have one english name), I'm the eldest and I hate it.
Speaking about school again I go to the swiss school, it's private and it seriously could be the smallest school of the country.
I learn everything in german since December 2016 because before I went to an italian public school. I really like certain languages and I study Italian, German, English and French. I would like to learn more of them like spanish and maybe swedish.
I'm really not into subjects like math, biology or physics, I hate these three subjects.
I can play the piano, I started when I was 7 and I went to the middle school of the conservatory of Milan. When I was 7 I also started to go to ice-skating lessons but I stopped three years ago because I went ten hours each week and it was definitely killing me...
Now I go horse-riding sometimes in the weekends and I enjoy it.
I love stracciatella ice scream and banana/strawberry milkshake.
I like to plan everything way earlier to have everything perfect but little before it has to happen I always give up or change plans.
I don't have a crush, neither do I love someone. I never had a relationship or kissed someone because I feel like it's an important thing and it must be done with the right person. (Oh, btw, I like boys!).
My favourite subject at school is English and my dream is to build a big family in the US when I'm older, exactly in CT.

I guess this was everything,

thank you so much for reading, xx