Yo, hi everybody I'm feeling #inspired and I've decided to write a quick little article about my favorite Pokemon, Typhlosion. In this article, I want to explain why it's my favorite. I might forget to address some points but oh well. One think that I want to note is that my english is not the best, so with that in my mind, let's begin this totally rad tale.

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So, I wanted to play a Pokemon game but I didn't know which one. I had heard a lot of good things about Heart Gold/Soul Silver so I decided to play Heart Gold (because Ho-Oh is better than Lugia, sorry Lugia fanboys) When I started playing I realised that all the starters sucked and I immidiately labeled them as the worst starter trio in existence. I picked Cyndaquil just because it looked the cutest. My goal was to catch them all, so I went into the wild, and started looking for a place where I could buy Pokeballs from...andddd then the game crashed. Great. I restarted it at some point and tried to get a female Cyndaquil, by soft-reseting. I couldn't get one and I got really pissed.

I gave up on the game. After a few weeks I decided to play some other Pokemon game. I picked Pokemon Blue, so I could start from the beggining, but I got bored really quickly. A few more weeks passed. I decided to play Pokemon White, but I didn't have high hopes. The reason that I picked this game is that N is the best, he is basically a god and he looks too good to be true, I love him so much. Anyways, I ended up really liking White, I actually caught every single Pokemon that was available in this game, it was great.
After that, it was time for me to play White 2. I knew about the Pokemon World Tournament and I didn't want to fight all these guys without having previous memories of them, from the past games, so to solve this problem, I decided to play all Pokemon games, from the beggining. I started with Blue, obviously. I almost gave up on Blue again but not because I was bored, it was because Misty fucked my team up! Well anywayyy I finished it with only using my Charizard and then I played Yellow, which I finished using a Nidoking, and nothing else.

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When I got to Gold, of course I picked Cyndaquil again and I was going to win the game with only him, and that's exactly what I did. I was really excited to play Crystal because I could finally get to be a female again. And then it hapened, I got a female Cyndaquil without even having to try! I was so happy with my awesome #girlpower team. That Typhlosion wasn't as strong as th eother one, because of the way Gen 2 was programmed and stuff, plus it was lower level.
Fast forwarding all the way to Heat Gold. I picked Cyndaquil again and managed to get a female one at my second attempt. I decided to name my Pokemon this time, I didn't use to do that, but I wanted this adventure to feel special. I named myself ''Kira'' (It was the name of an OC I had at some point lmao) and my Cyndaquil ''Quin''.

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I wanted to get the golden leaves for my entire team and I started collecting them for everyone. It was hard and boring. Plus, most of my Pokemon were trash anyways. Quin was the one I liked the most, so when I got to Kanto I decided to use her and only her for the rest of the playthrough and I ended up geting the golden leaves for her and only her. When I got back to Johto I immidiately went to Ethan so he can make the crown for Quin. Truly, only Quin deserved that crown. And I think this story explains why I love Typhlosion so much. It was always my go-to Johto starter, it was my first Pokemon ever and it generally means a lot to me.
Typhlosion you're the best.

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