You know that feeling you get when you see the person you love? Its amazing, right? What about the feeling of complete happiness you get when you are with that person? Its incredible.
But.. who knew that could all go away so quickly. At least for him it did.
We had a long history, about 2 years until we started dating. He was the player, I was the game. He begged and begged for a chance. And I was already in love and could not help it. I put my guard down and he broke my heart, he broke my hopes, he broke me.
He swore and swore again that out love was strong enough to beat the distance that was going to be between us (i was moving out of the country). I believed him.
I left and he started seeing his ex without me knowing, of course. I was the idiot that kept trying to fix every single fight. Every one of them. He treated me horribly, he said it was my fault our relationship was not working.
What happened to the love we once felt? What happened to the promises? To the i love yous? Was I not good enough? Why did you break me?
He left me. He broke up with me. He went back to his ex. Because she was there and i was thousands of miles away.
There was more than an ocean between us now, there was an abyss. An abyss that had been there weeks before we broke up. An abyss I should have, but did not, move away from. An abyss I jumped into just to try and save our relationship. An abyss it took me so hard to climb out of. An abyss that taught me to love MYSELF.

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