Since Instagram has a new algorithm, I found out I’m really addicted to numbers. It’s really weird to feel sad when your post hasn’t got the amount of likes you hoped it would reach.

But how do I deal with this addiction. I mean, I love to share my pictures with you guys. But I don’t like to feel sad anyway. Well, sometimes I’m in a mood like ‘fuck those numbers and just post whatever you like’. And I think I have to feel like this more often. I own an Instagram account to share my pics and if they won’t reach as many people as do follow me, then I can do nothing about it.

Even when I think like this I become sad. How can I have 10k followers but have a maximum of 400 likes? Luckily, I own a business profile so I can see the statistics. In these I can see that my reach is much lower than before. This means that my picture won’t show up in my followers time line. That’s weird, right?

My goal now is to find out how to get it back like before (usually getting 700/800 likes per picture). I just wanna know how my pictures will pop up in my followers time line. Because that’s why they followed me, right? Do you know how this works?