Hey, cuties!!In this article, I will give you some tips on how to make a sporty and comfy outfit to look chic and stylish.These outfits are perfect for a day full of errands, for the gym or your gymnastics class at school, for a trip or the airport and of course for your lazy days.


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Pants with stripes on the side are really in fashion and I totally get it because they make every outfit look more put together.


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A cute hoodie can change your whole outfit.Also, cropped ones are getting really in fashion paired with a high-waisted pants.

Oversized Hoodies/Dresses

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Still, a really comfortable outfit that adds so much to your look.You can achieve an edgy, girly, sporty or casual look depends on the style of the sweater that u will choose.


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You just can't go wrong with leggings and a hoodie.You can also pair it with a sports bra for your gym.

Matching Sets

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With this outfit you don't even have to think how to pair it, it's just so easy.Especially these season matching sets are really in so now it's your time to rock one!


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A statement piece like a jacket/coat can transform your look and make it more fashionable.


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The best way to upgrade your outfit is your accessories, so since you go for a comfy-sporty outfit try to add some chicer accessories.A pair of hook earrings, a watch, a classier bag, sunnies and dainty necklaces will change your whole look.Don't be afraid to mix styles cause that's the trick!


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White sneakers are an easy and safe choice to look stylish but you can go for mules or an edgier sneaker especially if your outfit is really simple and neutral.


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"No make-up" or Natural makeup
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Glamorous make-up
Another way to look more put together is your makeup.You can go for a natural makeup by putting a bb cream, mascara, blush and a lip balm or a full glam one.


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Sometimes a simple hairstyle can add so much style to your look and also they are perfect for a bad hair day or when you just don't feel like you wanna mess up with your hair.

I hope that you got some inspiration!See ya soon xixixi ❤️

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