Hey hearters!

So I wanted to tell you some stuff.

My wound is looking really good :3
I went to the hospital because there was some humidity behind my heart. I got amazing news on that: IT'S GONE!!! yeahhh!!

I was very happy. I'm planning to tell you every saturday a little bit of my life. stuff that has happened to me. Since a lot of stuff that happened to me lol.

So as you all know is that I have a syndrome. Because of my syndrome I wasn't very good at PE. (I bassicly sucked)

Anyway during elementry school you get to pic out who you want to be in your team. I always got picked last....

chandler bing, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and gif image

It made me very insecure. It basically sucked. Cause the team you're in is stuck with you.

gif image

My friends tried to chear me up but it didn't really help.

After a few years I finally had a teacher who understood how painful it is to be the last person to get picked. So he didn't do that and it made me feel so much better.

Because when I was get picked last I cried. (Home not in class.) I got a depression. Now I still hate this system in PE. It's not good for children and they should ban this system. I don't want a child to feel worthless for not getting picked at PE like me.

So yeah.....