Here are the places where I want to travel. Some of the places I have already visited, but I want to visit them again.

Venice, Italy ✓

venice, travel, and italy image venice, photography, and italy image italy, travel, and venice image girl, venice, and dress image

Bora Bora

bharat darshan tourism image summer, beach, and ocean image

Paris, France

paris, france, and eiffel tower image city, blue, and sky image paris image food, luxury, and chanel image

Santorini, Greece

Greece, travel, and city image Greece, santorini, and travel image love, couple, and travel image flowers, summer, and pink image

Lapland, Finland

beautiful sky, finland, and paradise image northern lights image universe image cold, fin, and finland image

London, England ✓

london, Big Ben, and england image autumn, fall, and leaves image Temporarily removed london, snow, and winter image

Amsterdam, Netherlands

amsterdam and travel image travel, amsterdam, and city image


backpacking, crowded, and india image Image by Pankaj Pinto

I hope you got inpired. I will update this from time to time.
Here is some more inspiration: