For my first article I decided I would let you know myself a little bit more. That's when the idea of making a -kind of- travel bucket list came to my mind.

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Anyways, wether you're actually planning to travel in the future but aren't sure where-to yet, or just like the idea of it, this could give you some ideas!

  • New York
city, girl, and travel image city, new york, and building image new york, city, and ny image girl, city, and new york image
I've probably watched too much Gossip Girl, but I'm in love with the city and it has an incredible nightlife!
  • Venice
clouds, colorful, and nature image girl, travel, and city image italy and venice image venice, travel, and italy image
Just look a these pictures! I feel it would be a really romantic place to go with a partner or maybe just with your closest friends.
  • Los Angeles
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People say you get to make your dreams come true here, this is a place for you to explore, experience and live your youth like you'd truly like to.
  • Paris
paris, moon, and eclipse image Image by ♡ ναℓєитιиα travel, louvre, and city image Image by Jackie
I already went to Paris, but I'd undoubtedly go again. This place is pretty romantic too but it is truly for anybody who likes to feel like a local in another country!
  • London
london, Big Ben, and london eye image girl, london, and hair image london, city, and Big Ben image travel, london, and city image
I'm in love with London as it suits my style so much. It does also have a pretty special nightlife but the buildings and tourist attractions will keep you pretty distracted.
  • Rome
rome, italy, and travel image travel, rome, and italy image travel, rome, and architecture image city, architecture, and travel image
In all seriousness, travelling to Rome would take my photography experience to another level. As for in general, I think anyone would get amazed by the old constructions and history of the place.
  • Rio de Janeiro
brazil, rio de janeiro, and sky image city, brazil, and rio de janeiro image beautiful, rio de janeiro, and rio image brazil, couple, and rio image
This place is full of youth and if you're a beach lover then it's definitely a good idea. Just prepare your summer clothes and swimsuits and you're ready to go!
  • Greece
travel, Greece, and summer image travel, city, and light image Greece, travel, and sunset image city, lights, and travel image
Last but not least, Greece. This is the kind of place you'd only see in movies but don't give up on the chance of going! Just image how relaxing and pleasureable it'd be.

That's it for now, hope you liked this article and I encourage you to write to me any suggestions or comments you have. I'm thinking of making a second part because there are of course so many other places to go to!

See you soon :)