hello,lets not get a boring start.I honestly dont know how to start but just by saying my vision on starting to write and share articles is that somehow it can help those who reads them.I want to share my experiences from inside and outside school and on a daily bases,,,i know that for most of you that are still in school it can get hard mostly because of the people. I may know because it happens to be that im going through a similar situation where in school there are days when i feel like i dont fit in or lets say i dont belong there. through out my journey i want to be able to share and most importantly help. on school sometimes or (most of the time) you may be or feel lonely. sometimes its good to be with people that make you feel good like true friends. you may have lets say a thousand friends and all but out of those thousands who would be willing to help you on tough moments?
And so on i hope this may help those who take the time to read this. out of a hundred i hope it at least helped a few