We are already on September 21 in Korea, so it is the birthday of our boy with multiple talents! Happy birthday to you my boy! For me, writing this article is just like offer a present to you. Our baby is already 26 years old, it's crazy how time flies!

I will list things I love with this boy, I hope you will like this article, and also, thank you to the faithful readers, I know now there are! Because I spend a lot of time writing, doing a good layout, finding inspiration, you encourage me, so once again, thank you for your support EXO-L


Chen aka Jongdae, have a such beautiful, I think he and Baekhyun are the visuals of EXO. I like the shape of his lips, it really makes it too adorable and too cute! We want to make him a hug and make him laugh, is not it ? He can have all the haircuts he wants, he will always be cute! And it will always remain as young and beautiful I think!

Chen and exo image exo, bias, and Chen image
Look at this angel, pure face.


The first thing I think of is his laughter. His laughter is contagious, when I see him laugh or smile, I smile automatically. But this is not the only thing, Chen has one of the best voice I ever listen before! I remember the first time I hear his voice, that was a beautiful experience. Chen can get into the treble, he's able to hold a note for a long time without trembling, it's a crazy thing! He really deserves to be one of the main vocalists of EXO! His voice transmits so many emotions, we see that it is his passion! I wish one day SM will give him a solo album!

Damn, I fucking love this performance. I want to cry. Why are you doing this to me ? WHY? WHY KIM JONGDAE? You make me crazy.


We would not say, but Chen has a very good dress style! I do not understand why he is no more noticed than that! His beauty is so perfect, it is not human, for sure!

exo, fashion, and idol image
Simple but effective.
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Really Chen, Giorgio Armani? Why are you so lucky?
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Boyfriend look, isn't it?
Chen and exo image
I'm a classic man, I'm a classic man!
Chen, exo, and exo-m image
Damn, give me your swag, plz.

I LOVE CHEN. I wish you a happy birthday, I hope you have a good day with the people you love!

Chen, exo, and exo-m image
Let me love you!