Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel. From city to jungle the colours around you can be the focus of your inspiration.

The places in the world where you take in all of your surroundings. You notice the burnt colour of the bricks as you walk by building after building, with your hot coffee in hand warming you up from a night full of rainfall. The colour of your loved one’s sweater still full of the smell of fire from that same night.The dew on the grass and the trees, ready to be cut down for Christmas. The grey colour of the sky, still looking as though it might rain once more. The calm of the fog and the feel of the sand as you walk along the beach. The realization that you’re just a small part of this big world. The sound of screams you still remember from the concert of your favourite band. The rush of excitement when they started to play your favourite song. To the soundless night of your first trip sitting in the best café in town.
To the moment where you stop.
When you stop thinking of what lies ahead and realize that this is where your adventure begins.

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