before we start the first thing you should know is the Quadruplicates. its a group of four signs. the quadruplicates are cardinal, fixed and mutable.

the cardinal signs have to deal with new beginnings such as season changes.

the fixed signs are concerned with maintaining something, changing things so they are the same as before, or stabilizing things.

the mutable signs are concerned with changing things into something else (not transforming as much as it moving on to something else).

thats it enjoy!

capricorn; saturn; the goat {december 22-january 21}

earth sign, cardinal, hardworking, straightforward, loyal, stubborn, uncontent until at the top

aquarius; uranus; the water beaver {january 22-february 21}

air sign, fixed, sets trends, innovative, admired, distant, eccentric

pisces; neptune; the fish {february 22-march 21}

water sign, mutable group*, alluring, free, sensual, sensitive, can't function alone

aries; mars; the ram {march 22-april 21}

fire sign, cardinal group*, brave, independent, assertive, impulsive, hates to be restricted

taurus; venus; the bull {april 22-may 21}

earth sign, fixed, good taste, sensual, down to earth, pleasure-seeking, stubborn

gemini; mercury; the twins {may 22-june 21}

air sign, mutable, dynamic, many talents, likes games, can be two-faced, mischievous

cancer; the moon; the crab {june 22-july 21}

water sign, cardinal, sensitive, friend oriented, practical, hates to argue, forgives but doesn't forget

leo; the sun; the lion {july 22-august 21}

fire sign, fixed, creative, popular, faithful, dominating, can sometimes have too much pride

virgo; mercury; the virgin {august 22-september 21}

earth sign, mutable, successful, creative, likes to please others, clever, can sometimes lead others on

libra; venus; the scales {september 22-october 21}

air sign, cardinal, irresistible, adventurous, lavish, indecisive, can have a very complicated love life

scorpio; pluto; the scorpion {october 22-november 21}

water sign, fixed, likes to be self-reliant rather than trusting others, powerful, wise, dominant, secretive

sagittarius; jupiter; the archer {november 22-december 21}

fire sign, mutable, very open-minded, achiever, loving, can be insensitive, cold