Hi guys, this time I want say to you a few words about thing what we are doing and nobody apraciete it even you !

This time it´s not about your body or face, becouse now it´s about what are you doing.

1. Your school/ Your job

Nobody of my age never told me, he is proud when he get´s A from the exam. But you should be, and if you get B or C you still should be proud, becouse you pass the exam ( I am 19)

I see my dad, when he come home everyday. And all what he say it´s that :

I want to go sleep

It´s never about his job, and what he has done at job. Do you know why? It´s becouse he´s not proud of his job. But he should be, he works hours and hours and give designs to cars. That´s something I am proud about him. I am proud about my exams and his job. And you should be too.. You should be proud of your work !

Image by Vivian Perez


Becouse these people love you , they are funny with you, but can be serious, they can say anything to you.. becouse you love them and you never let them fall
They are proud of you, becouse they can trust you..that´s the most important thing in these times..

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Be proud of everything what are you doing
but not if it´s lies ..

With proud Mona*