Don't you EVER dare to warn me that you are not going to love me.

Please don't tell me that you ain't gonna call or you're not going to be there when i need you, when i want you.

Never forget that i already know it.

OURS is not a contract i don't need recibe to give,
I KNOW you'll never love me
I KNOW you're not going to text me saying good morning or goodnight
I KNOW you belong to her
I KNOW you are cold

But the most important thing i know is that i don't want you to.

I DON'T NEED your love
I DON'T NEED your messages
I DON'T NEED your swetness
Just because you're not worth it you don't deserve someone like me it doesn't matter how handsome you are or how good you do me sex i know i'll find someone better than you BUT you someone better than me, i doubt it ...