Now mental health is a topic that despite the fact that it's gained a lot more attention it's still not discussed as often. I don't suffer from any mental illness but I still want to give my little input on the topic.

Nowadays the most common or widely talked about mental illnesses are usually depression and anxiety. There's nothing wrong with this, it's actually good that people are becoming more open to talk about them. The problem is that there are so many other mental health illnesses that are vaguely known are not even talked about in general. Or are just have so much stigma surrounding them the people who suffer from it end up being too scared to talk about it.

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I think people shouldn't be afraid to talk about their mental health and the stigma needs to go away but the only way for this to happen is by starting a conversation. In so many places and communities the issues surrounding mental health are pushed aside and are highly stigmatized. The proper treatments are rarely unavailable and those that are there lack good quality.

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The media has so much to do with the portrayal of mental illnesses as well. Why are people with personality disorders treated like they're moody, 'bipolar', crazy, unstable and so on. There are vast amounts of people who have to live these labels even if they are nothing like how people stereotype them to be.

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Using the illnesses as a way to describe yourself isn't helpful either - no you aren't so bipolar just because your mood fluctuates. You don't have OCD if you arranged your things or cleaned something up because that one time it irked you. It's not an overnight thing but doing little things like trying to learn more about it can go a long way for you or even someone you know.

If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, I want you to know you are NOT your illness. You will get through it and eventually overcome it. Time really does heal you so please don't get upset when you feel like it won't get better. If you need someone to talk to my inbox is always open and although I'm not a professionally trained therapist or psychologist I will talk to you if you just need someone to listen. Don't be afraid to ask for help especially when you not it taking over your life.

Some helpful links: (has a lot more resources) - a mobile app called Vent that allows you to anonymously post about how you feel with the emotions. It's pretty neat and is a great way to get some steam off your chest.

I hope you have a great week <3
- Uju