From a freckle-faced teen to a social media star worldwide.

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Kylie was an adorable baby. She was born on 10 August 1997 to parents Bruce and Kris Jenner. Being the youngest of “the Kardashian clan”, Kylie grew up in front of the cameras alongside her older sister Kendall.

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pre-teenage years
I guess it's safe to say-kylie didn't really do much to become famous apart from being born into such a wealthy, famous family. She was always beautiful and rich since she was young, because her father, was an olympic gold medalist and her sisters, the stars of their own reality TV show. She attended the private Sierra Canyon School and earned her high school diploma from Lauren Springs High School. She considers Calabasas, California her hometown.

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Teenage years
Its was around here, that we started to see a development in kylies personal style, such as wearing more risky, fashionable clothes and dying her hair different wild colours. At the Billboard Music Awards red carpet 2014, Kylie’s blue hair and major contouring turned heads. This appearance marked a significant change in style for the 16-year-old, who’s clearly making a statement (just like her sister).

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It was around 2015 that people had started to notice the lip fillers, and Kylie did admit to it (after insisting it was just ''overlining''. girl stop.) and around 2016 that she launched the mega successful brand, Kylie Cosmetics, which started out with ''lip kits'' that would sell out in MINUTES. She also began dating Tyga, in 2015 when she was around 17 years old.

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Don't tell me this is ''overlining''

Now, a successful buisnesswoman and social media model with her own business,app, clothing line, and even reality TV show (life with Kylie), she has deffo made her mark on this world.

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