Today I had an interesting experience.
I was in class and everyone was doing a revision exam, but I was finished.
I decided to grab a paper from my notebook and draw something from it while I saw that there was a plastic on the floor that someone threw so I grabbed it and threw it in the trash.
When I returned to my site I noticed what the boy that is always sitting to my right in class was doing and I could see that he was drawing too.
He was doing a very nice drawing, and it was very well done and I was a little impressed.
I knew he could draw, but not that way.
I went back to my place so he would not notice and the silence invaded the room again.
I was surprised so I decided to look at more people in my class too.
Today, in the complete silence of an exam, I knew things of the people who I live every day that I had never noticed in years.
I'm still surprised. Like, wow.