Remember when your heart skipped a bit every time you saw your crush?
The little scenarios your mind created of how you would fall in love and then when it came to say a word to him in real life, you would freeze?

Yeah. That wasn't real love.

Love isn't a drug as others describe it, not even close. Drugs are a limited moment of feeling like you're in cloud nine, everything is perfect. Feels good to have your mind wander free without doubts ?

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More like, toxic & delusional thoughts that make you choose these toxic people.

Think about what happens after the high is over; happiness is replaced by silence, laughs are turned into cries and freedom of mind and soul is nothing but a myth. How can you call love a drug?

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It's not too late to understand though.
Understand that wanting to be important to someone is not the same as being clingy.
- said by a person who went through the same thing

How about I give a short description of how love should feel like?

If you're hanging out with the person you love, his/her/ energy feeds you. You read it right. It feeds you so many things: security, comfortably, respect and... something you can't quite describe. His/ her name it's proof they actually exist and when that name leaves your lips... hopefully someone can relate to this. While making dumb jokes, mistaking in life or throwing tantrums for no reason, if your lover doesn't know how to bring you back to your true self, then is he/she your lover in the first place?

Fights are necessary as well. They are the bridge to a more strong relationship. Distant ones as well.

The heart isn't as coordinated as the mind though both choose wrong paths in life. Your soul is just the receiver of your doings, so who are you going to lean on while choosing the right person?

I don't know

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I seriously don't know. How I found love when I was the most useless, antisocial and mad person ever. Yet here I am today.

Love should be feared, fake or real, it should be feared. It changes us without us knowing. It makes us trust the person we love without knowing the equation that leads us to it.

There are no rules, just good players