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What was written in the stars from the moment you were born?

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Sun in Aries

March 22 - April 21

The Sun in Aries is self-determined and impulsive. You don’t shy away from difficulties and you know how to give others faith/trust/confidence with your optimistic feature. Being in company of an Aries is fun, but they can’t concentrate on something for too long. They’re quick to transfer their attention to something else. An Aries who accomplishes to hold his/her motivation, will be a source of hope for their surroundings.

Sun in Taurus

April 22 - May 21

The Sun in Taurus is practical and eager. THey surround themselves with valuable, beautiful things, and like to have the control over systems. The order they have in their lives is often a grip for others as well, but the Taurus has to remember to be careful with such power. A Tarus thinks to own certainty in belonging however he/she is in danger to let their life be dominated by the desire to own.

Sun in Gemini

May 22 - June 21

The Sun in Gemini is radiant and astonishing. They like to gather and share information through reading, studying and meeting new people. They have a lot of enthusiasm, and don't care if it’s for a gossip or a deep discussion. It’s important for them to focus on one certain idea, otherwise they lose their grip on things and other people can feel left out.

Sun in Cancer

June 22 - July 21

The Sun in Cancer is nourishing and conservative. They’re considerate and protective. The care of the Cancer is shown in a physical way (cooking) and a mental way (spending time together). A Cancer who feels emotionally safe, radiates a huge power. A Cancer who feels threatened, shuts down and withdraws.

Sun in Leo

July 22 - August 21

The Sun in Leo is brilliant and self-interested. A Leo loves self-expression and radiates happiness at his/her surroundings. He/She lets us see life as something positive and encourages us to take risks and be creative. But they don’t feel minor, others ahve to be enough to share their energy. It’s important they realize they’re not always right.

Sun in Virgo

August 22 - September 21

The Sun in Virgo is precise and hyperactive. A Virgo will gladly consider all possible options. He/She pays attention to all the details. They’re hardworking and give structure to what they do. But sometimes they work too hard and set the settings too high, causing them to shut down.

Sun in Libra

September 22 - October 21

The Sun in Libra is harmonious and unimaginative. They’re convinced that rest and harmony are the perfect circumstances for creating things. If there are fights or litigations, they try to bring peace by looking at the different views, without choosing a certain side.

Sun in Scorpio

October 22 - November 21

The Sun in Scorpio is intense and patient. They feel an extreme desire to get through to the core of things. They want to know the unknown and discover the secret essential stuff. This desire can seduce them to having too much for themselves, but when they focus on the need of others, their power becomes fascinating.

Sun in Sagittarius

November 22 - December 21

The Sun in Sagittarius is expansive and optimistic. They want action and are fascinated by the unknown. They love exploring countries and discovering new ideas. They like challenges and being in the open, but they must remember not to say yes too easily and too much.

Sun in Capricorn

December 22 - January 21

The Sun in Capricorn is effective. They want to reach their goal and finish what they started. Their sense of responsibility is big, but their patience towards those around them who do not reach their high standards, is little. They need to learn to realize not only their wants and needs are important. As long as a Capricorn has its goal, nothing is impossible.

Sun in Aquarius

January 22 - February 21

The Sun in Aquarius is objective and arrogant. The “great importance” is everything to them. This easily causes conflicts with authority and the current or dominant opinion. They feel attracted towards new opportunities in life and feel the need to discuss certain values if they’re damaging for other people. The Aquarius needs to learn to stop controlling other people’s lives and to start watching through their eyes instead.

Sun in Pisces

February 22 - March 21

The Sun in Pisces is sensitive and intuitive. They’re compassionate and an assistance to others, and expect the same of their surroundings. In their emotional state, they’re committed with everyone, but they need to learn when those people deserve their attention and when they don’t. Sometimes it’s better for them to save some energy for a time in real need.


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