A part of the 30 day challenge is 3 legitimate fears.

My 3 Fears :


I started being scared of demons and horror type stuff every since I was small, like 6 years old. LOL
My best friend then was the opposite she loved demons and paranormal movies. I used to always stay over her house and we would watch A ghost haunting. I liked the show but anything further than that like actually seeing a ghost or horror movie is a NO-GO for me.


I never really rode roller coasters growing up because I hated rides with high drops, and roller coasters have so many. My first time getting on a ride with a big drop was with my dad when I was little. It was the long flume at Busch Gardens. My eyes got so big when it was dropping down. When I went to the state fair with my best friend then, who was the same best friend that loved horror movies- LOL
she wanted me to go on a roller coaster with her so bad.
It was not a kiddy roller coaster but it wasn't the most extreme one.
Anyways, I was still scared on it, and my eyes got big
LOL Sometimes I try to conquer my roller coaster fear by getting on roller coasters with my friends that don't look that bad.
they beg me to get on


I don't know if this appropriate or not for WeHeartit, but I'm scared of perverts. In 8th grade, my family saw on the news that this man broke into this women's house and did bad stuff to her. The ladies neighborhood was across from mines, not literally but it was still close enough. I didn't want to walk to the bus stop by myself. During this time, my brother went to school with me. However, he would take longer to get dressed, and sometimes it was dark outside. In freshmen year of high school I heard another story about that neighborhood, a car was trying to snatch a women walking to her house. So now, when cars pass me on the street I get scared, if I'm walking alone. I won't do anything in public by myself if it isn't around a crowd of people. That means I will only go to walmart because its always a lot of people in there. LOL but if I wanted to take a walk at a local park I wouldn't go by myself because I do not want to come in contact with a werid person (pervert).

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