Sometimes I feel down, missunderstood, not loved but then I am looking at the Bible and realise that.... GOD created me... why woul a God look at me and say we need one of you in this world... why would the God that created EVERYTHING look at me and love me frome the first second I was on this planet?
Maybe because we ARE Special... Maybe because he had a plan with me... Maybe because he loves me soo much that all darkness in me just leaves me and you know what? I will never stop loving him for that... I still don't understand why he loves me but I know I am here for a reason... I want to speak up... to tell everybody that they are Special in theire unique way.
You are Special! You are Beautiefull! Nobody was created exactly like you! You are worth it!
Because God looked at you and sayed we Need you in this World and that's the best Thing.
It is up to you who you want to be know. #makeadifference #beyou