“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” -Gandhi

Hello everyone! My name in Sara , and this is my first article. I decided to introduce you to my home country: Lebanon , I hope it interests you.

You may have heard bad things as well as awful news about the country, or you probably never heard of it, and that's okay! We all know society always focuses on the negative side to everything and usually ignores the good one.

That's why I'm going to show you the real Lebanon ,the small beautiful arabic country ,known for its rich history, ethnic and religious diversity.

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These are few known places in Beirut :

  • Zeytuna Bay , Beirut :
bay, Beirut, and building image bay, Beirut, and lebanon image Beirut image bay, Beirut, and lebanon image
  • Raouche Rock , Beirut :
beautiful, Beirut, and cafe image raouche beirut lebanon and beautiful+sunset+ image

There's also many historical places such as :

  • Byblos , the capital of the phoenicans :
blue, lebanon, and ocean image ancient, flag, and lebanon image ancient, boat, and port image ancient, art, and lebanon image
  • saida :
ancient, castle, and lebanon image lebanon, photography, and saida image
  • Baalbeck :
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Lebanon is also really known for its delicious food :

food, lebanon, and tumblr image Image removed food image food, sweets, and lebanese image falafel, food, and lebanese image desert, food, and lebanese image

obviously there's a lot more amazing things that I'd want you show you all ! but i guess that's enough for an article ... i hope you liked it! Please let me know <3