well .. everyone who will read this article.. this person who r depressed.. or who doesn’t have any hope

i just want u to know something.. maybe i m a young girl, but i passed by too many roads and i saw so much ..
i m a 14 years old girl but i lived 18 years old’s experience.
from i was a little girl .. i was so smart compared with guys in my age .. well, but all of that isn’t the subject i want to talk about , i just want u to know that u should never ever judge a person by her age , cause like my best friend say .. “at the end of the day .. age is just a number. A baby shark is still a fucking shark” - open water 3

anyway, i was depressed .. i went to a psy too much times .. in reality he didn’t make a sense .. so i stoped going .. i thought that it s the end and i ll never be happy .. i tried to commit suicide too much times .. but after all of that , i understood so much things ..:

1- suicide is not an option .. cause u don’t make the pain go away .. u just pass it to another person .. who loves u , and who maybe u were in love with her .. suicide is for cowards , then if u r brave u should fight .. i now that life is a bitch .., but u can win , u should only never give up.

2- if u r someone who attach his self to people .. like me .. then u should know something .. that who loves u .. will stay in ur life , then u must care about him, but who didn’t give a shit about u .., and just push u away like shit .. then don’t give a damn about him.. but know that it s not the end of ur story in case if u were in love with him.. is just the end of his part in ur story .

3- never give up in god .. u should have big dreams and big goals .. cause u already have a big god .. don’t listen to negative people .. and always see the situations from the bright side , cause whatever the situation u r in .. it has a good side .

4- don’t love too much, don’t hope too much, and don’t trust too much , cause really believe me .. this too much will hurt u so much.

5- u should know that after every storm , there is a good weather.. and after every rain .. then is a sun .. and who knows .. maybe a rainbow too .. just don’t say i can’t or i will never.

6- be honest with ur self .. that point is too important .. if u r a drama king or a drama queen with people ( like that my best friend calls me ) at least don’t be with ur self .. if u r happy then u r happy .. don’t say to ur self that u have never being happy or these stuffs .. and if u r sad .. don’t pretend the happy one .. and smile in front of ur mirror , maybe acting with people have some good results , cause there is too much persons who r just waiting for u too be sad .. so u can act in front of them .. but with ur self no , cause that only ruins ur life and destroy u more.

7- THE LAST THING ..know that everything in the end will be okey .. if it isn’t okey then it s not the end.. So u should wake up everyday stronger than yesterday and with a big hope .. face ur fears and wipe ur tears.

I hope too much that i helped some of u .. or all of u , why not.. cause i don’t want anyone to be lonely .. and anyone .. if u need any help .. i m here .. it s enough to send a message.

by the way i will post some pictures about this article in my page .. go to see them .., maybe they ll help u more .

thank u for reading, i love u all

- alaa.b