My lovely scroller hello again and thank you for joining. We're reunited at last, isn't it exciting? Now, for anyone bumping in my messy pie of a life for the first time, a hearty welcome. I'm Nani and I'm taking up a 15 days writing challenge. Today we're marching unto our second chapter, hence our second day of this thrilling task. Today we (well I) are (am) going to make our (my) first list! Yes, indeed! Our very first list. I'm so excited! On this day, we're going to talk about things that I'm grateful for. Now, this is a very tricky thing because I couldn't possibly write everything that I'm grateful for because frankly I don't know what I'm grateful for. I mean, yes of course, there are the usual things (family, peace, friends, Benedict Cumberbatch…) but you don't really realize just how grateful you should be until you feel at lost or you see someone in a situation you'd never want to be in. And then suddenly you're grateful for your clothes, for calm weather, an alarm clock... I was privileged enough to live a peaceful life and was pretty much wrapped up in cotton wool so to speak, that I don't even realize just how lucky I am. But I'm going to try and write a list anyway. So, here's to day two: Make a list of the things that you are grateful for:

1. My mom and dad because really, do I need to explain why? They are the kindest and wisest people I know (even though it sometimes feels like I'm trying to put my head through the wall and teach a fish how to climb up a tree).
2. My wonderful sister who I adore immensely and her husband who makes her happiest I've ever seen.
3. Here comes my stupidly adorable dog Puka (his real name is Puka Puškin -and our family name-) and other members of our unbelievably big family. They are the loudest, craziest and loveliest human beings in the world.
4. My wonderful friends (all 4 of you!) who are the bravest, strongest and kindest people I had a good fortune of knowing.
5. Peace, that I have lived in my whole life. How many people can say that?
6. Privilege, that I can live comfortably every day with food on my table and a roof over my head. Privilege, that I could go to a school (now university), to a music school, to gymnastics, to karate, to go and visited other countries… to do so many things many people can't say they had the opportunity to do so, even though they’d probably cherished it more than I did.

7. My fully functional body that I still stupidly hate at times and my abilities that I'm determined to sharpen.
8. All the writers and creators who help me to escape my sometimes dreadfully ordinary life.
9. Benedict Cumberbatch (because seriously, bless his face)
10. Also, Martin Freeman (thank you God, you did well on this one too)

There are oh, so many more!! I'm grateful for the smell of rain and for soft rays of sunlight falling gently through the trees and for random cats that let you pet them and I could go on and on and on and still wouldn’t be able to write everything down.

At last I am also grateful for you, my dear scroller, for you have taken your precious time to read my nonsense and I’m daring to hope that you enjoyed it, at least only a little. Thank you.
With this I’m ending our session for today. I’ll see you tomorrow (well, not “see” per say, unless you’re actually living next door and we see each other on the streets every day without even knowing, which would be a bit creepy slash exciting, wouldn’t it be?). Anyway, thank you patient reader, once more you’ve bared with my ramblings and so we’ve covered our Day two!

Until tomorrow!