Hi everyone!

The new school year has started and with it homework too.
For that reason, today I want to give you some studying tips.

1. Make a study plan.

Organization is really important especially if you have to study for lots of subject so making a study plan will help you to organize your time.

Remember time is precious!

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2. NO Distractions!

If you are studying, you should avoid having near you, your phone or every single type of distraction because a notification, a message or whatever can distract you.
I also advise you to turn off everything till you end your homework.

3. Music is the key.

When I say “music”, I unfortunately don’t mean your favourite song, if it’s a lyrical one, because it would distract you.
When I say “music”, I mean classical music.
I know classical music is not very loved and modern but it’s scientifically proven that Beethoven or Mozart’s songs will improve your studying skills.

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Lana del Rey is perfect too.

4. Be concentrate in classroom.

If you pay attention in class and take notes when teachers speak, you will do less at home.

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5. Take a break.

Study for 35-45 minutes and take a 10-minute break so your brain can “rest” a little.

6. Two heads are better than one.
Study with a friend can be nicer and also more interesting.
Furthermore, you can make a study plan together.

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I hope my studying tips are useful.