My poetry - 'I still fight'

Here comes this torture, this feeeling again,
And I see that for me, blue sky exists no more,
This is heavy burden to carry, much more then
Anything I was carrying on my shoulders before.

You should know, my whole world went dark
When you closed your eyes, took your last breath.
And now on my heart there is your indelible mark:
I am not the same person since you met your death.

I cry myself to sleep and I wake up in tears
Because it hurts so much to know you said goodbye...
Maybe you could be saved from your pain and fears,
So why did you have to go, why did you have to die?

Now I am left here in the mercy of the darkness,
But with your face and voice in my mind I still fight
And I am strong enough to promise you this:
Because of you I will give more love,I'll be the light
Once more.

- Mikaela