When you have a bias, when you saw him on a picture, when he talks with others, as a fan of him, you always imagine you with him, you starting to be more imaginative than you ever be ! Is it not?

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I love sakura.

You want to care about him!

It's the men of you're life, when you saw him in a picture, you imagine yourself be by his side ! You want to care about him. When he didn't smile, you ask yourself if your bias is okay, "What's happened my baby?" "Are you alright?", "Why I can't be here with you?" You feeling yourself bad because you can't be with him.

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You would to have a beautiful relation with him!

If you watching Kdrama, you will be able to understand what I want to say. When you walk alone in the street, you imagine your bias here, by your side. You imagine yourself talking with him about life, or simply have good time together in a park, listen your favorite song or eating together. You want to encourage him as best you can, like the perfect girlfriend.

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Just finish to watch this beautiful anime.

You are jealous when somebody said he has the same bias of you

Your bias is so precious to you. You don't want to share him. It's your bias, not his ! You would like it to belong to you just and only to you, but the sad thing is you already know it's only on your dreams that it can happen...

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I'll will be always by your side my love.

You imagine your bias acting like he his your boyfriend !

Dreaming is beautiful, isn't it ? I imagine myself with my man, who take me in his arms. He comforts me, tells me sweet words, encourages me. A sweet voice, some little kisses. Aye aye aye. Why I am single ? cry a lot.

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Kyungsoo hand and my hand.

Thank for reading this little article, I was little bored but now I'm going to write my Chanbaek fanfiction. :) XOXO