I love the fragrance of your voice,
You're the colour of Loyal,
My favourite sound is your smile,
I'm intoxicated with joyful

I feel you on the bottom of my feet,
The very blush in my cheek,
I love the taste of the words you don't say,
You're the very meaning of peace,
I am a 10 thousand petal flower,
Unfolding in this moment,
I feel so vulnerable and so empowered,
It's everything, it's nothing, it's perfect

You're the eyes of a child,
You're a horse running wild,
You're the cracking open of a heart,
You make me feel so alive,
I am honoured to know,
The twinkle of your star,

I give thanks for my time upon the planet Earth,
By all of your beauty,
I am so inspired,
Your love has baptised me by fire.

By India arie