So Life is difficult. Everyone knows. But many People think, it's bad or not wort living. But I don't think so. For me, everyone is a gift from God, and we all have to accept that. No ones life is wasted just because the Person thinks so. It's not true. Everyone can do at least one good Thing that helps other People or that helps the World. Life is to beautiful to waste, if you aren't happy with the Life you have now, Change. You don't need People in your life to be happy, you can be your own happy Person. And if that isn'zt enough, then just think about all the beautiful things in Life. Redocorate your room, buy a dog or just do something what makes you happy or what is fun to you anf you will see: afterwards, everything will look better. Just remember in any second: Life is just beautiful the way it is and no one can tell that it isn't. So just be happy, friendly, Kind and you'll see that everyone i happy, friendly and Kind to you. Spread happiness wherever you goand you'll mak the world a nicer place.
S P R E A D Y O U R W I N G S A N D F L Y !