She met him again after three long-lasting weeks.
They are meeting at her favorite place in town.
They are buying two beers from a vintage shop around the corner and they are heading to the highest place possible.
She is laying on his feet,drinking beer,talking.
She is looking at the sky.
They are just the two of them.
Alone,in the complete silence.
Enjoying its others friendship.
She is still looking at the sky.
She drinks some of her beer.
He drinks some of his.
She is trying to find some courage to do the things she gots in her mind.
"It's now or never",she is quietly thinking.
He keeps talking about this girl again.
"It is time to make him go crazy about another girl,right in front of him",her thoughts became louder.
She is close enough to taste the beer on his lips.
She did it.
Their lips touching softly in this quite night.
He is kissing her with passion,slowly.
She doesn't want the kiss to end.
She doesn't want his beer taste to go away.
He stops.
He is now looking at her.
He is smiling brighter than ever.
He pulls her face softly to his lips.
He wants more of her beer after all.
They exchange tastes all night.
The moon is getting brighter.
It's after midnight.
He is holding her in his hands,still kissing her wet lips.
He stops.
Eyes on fire.
"Let's take another beer."