Whenever I`m lonely and nobody wants to stay with me, I cry an ocean. ~ Andjeli. R

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There always someone who look at to.

I feel so many times a week lonely and down. Sometimes with a reason but the mostly without a reason. but the times I have a reason, I or somebody else are the reasons why I feel that.

I`m can`t really explain how I feel in that time. Tell me why you don`t wanna stay with me and why you want see me crying about you? Nobody knows that I cry so much that my bed almost every night becomes an ocean. I don`t want to be called a Crybaby. I want to be called just like other normal girls, but you're one of the reasons why I can`t be like them. I choke by all the crying. I want be alone when I cry but inside me I hope that someone running behind me to comfort me to tell me that everything is okay and I`m not lonely. But there was always one person who always stand behind me: God, he was the one who still let me live the next morning.

Now you're from me. Now is the day came where you long for waiting for. I will never more gonna expect that you to come after me or to comfort me.

- Andjeli. R

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