Believe me, I know!
Sometimes school can be boring or maybe annoying but there's something that you have to know: It is the only way you can get a life.
Being in the lessons is the only way you can learn something for your future job.

Now, maybe you want to ask me if you don´t want to get a job? Trust me, you want.

You don´t want to spend your life on the roads asking for money to other people that usually don't even care about you to giving you money that they receive from their work where they have spent hours and hours to earn it.

Your parents? It is not an option. They will not sustain you for a lifetime because someday they will not be here anymore.
So, yes, school is the only option that you have in your hands.

What can you do? Learn something and work hard.

Often, you hear people say, "This is going to be the year!". Yes, it is true. This can be your year.

It is true that sometimes we lose the urge to study and for this, we have to find some motivation. I don´t really know how to indicate some examples of motivation for you. This varies from person to person. The good advice that I can give you is to do something that you like and that gives you some pleasure to keep have good grades on your school subjects.

I hope that I have helped you in this matter. I hope that your school year will be full of success and happiness.

And remember,
Be kind.