I know, I made many mistakes. Believing that even if I knew what I was doing and what it would bring, I was never aware of how damaging it would be for me. And it was only because I stopped listening, I distrusted my instinct.

It's really easy to feel lonely, even you know it. Loneliness was only the beginning; cradle of insecurities, a black angel of misfortunes and friend of Confucion. But tell me, how confused were we? What caused us to gather our currents to form a storm? But you didn't take into account that it was me you left in the eye of the hurricane.

I had been warned about you, and I tried to ignore you, but when I behaved differently it was when you started attacking me. You hurt me, even if you don't believe it, you hurt me. You said you were joking, but our words were so aggressive that I did not even know if your purpose was to keep me by your side. Did you really think I'd swallow the joke?

In order not to give more rounds, and to be more direct, the most recent mistake I have made is to have believed that what united us existed, that it was a permanent bond, but apparently I was wrong, Dear False Friends.

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