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First of all sry for my bad English grammar ect.

Long Post ahead

Last week was my 18th birthday. I wanted to do something special. I decided to go out and reserved by a famous Cafe&Bar Shop and after that I wanted to go to a shisha bar maybe (hookah or hubbly-bubbly) .

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Well I have strict parents, in general my whole family is strictly. But they was at this weekend in Turkey (holiday). Soo i may never have such a chance again ! This was my opportunity for doing something that teenagers do in my age. I invited my old school friends and my cousins.

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A night before my aunt and uncle called me and said that they don't allowed my cousins to come to my birthday bash place bc it was too dangerous (bullshit). I discussed with them but at the end they didn't allow it. The only positive aspect was that one of them were too young to go in to a shisha bar.

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Furthermore I went with my friends and one cousin to the place I reserved and drank with them cocktails (without alcohol, I'm not a type of that). After that we went to a shisha bar. I posted a few snaps on snapchat and my other Cousins (who didn't come) saw this. A hour later my cousins Brother called us a few times but we went to the train station bc the weather was rainy and cold. At the train station I called him back and asked him what he wants. He heard from someone that we go to a shisha bar and he's angry af. He shouted at us and he starts to saying things like "what if same thing happen to you.." ok I totally understand him but my sister knows everything and she allowed me to do all this things.

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Well I asked him where he knows that we went to a shisha bar and he said that he saw my snaps and someone saw me there. But the thing is that he doesn't have Snapchat and just my friends (my cousins too) can see my snaps.

I said my opinion to him, that he embarrassed me in front of my friends and that he doesn't have the responsibility for me. Only my sister is responsible for me. Also I told him that he over reacted.

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After a long unnecessary discussion we came to the conclusion that my jealousy cousin ( who didn't came) showed him my snaps and told him that I was there.

The whole night and day they terrorized me with calls, messages and all this thing, they didn't leave me alone. They said things to me that I cried all the time. Just because of my stupid cousin, who told him everything. She knows that they are strictly and that they never allowed us to go in there. If she doesn't told that, maybe all this things never happened and I have my peace.

Well never the less

it was a nice day with my friends. My sister was here and we celebrate the whole time. I was so happy and thankful. Dearest sister thank you for everything, without you would it be a total mess !! #Neverendingbirthday

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my sister and I

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Maybe you have a same story, where everything goes down just because of a jealous person.

Have a nice day