Ready for round 4? I'm not, but get out your boxing gloves anyways and start fighting back the tears of awe at these great songs. This list is not in any particular order. Hope you enjoy!

1. Stanaj - The Way I Love Her

"You're the best,
You're the worst,
Feels so good and then it hurts."

2. DIGY (feat. KIRSCH) - Tragedy (Indiginis Remix)

"Need a little bit of green,
Just to lay my head to sleep.
We've let each other go,
But my mind still intervenes."

4. Cosmow - Standout

"People keep talking,
Filling up my head with their words, They don’t mean nothing,
But for some reason they make me hurt."

5 Neon Dreams (feat. Kardinal Offishall) - Marching Bands

"It’s funny how I fell into your arms,
Thinking if I never left Toronto.
I wouldn't be this high,
Just a voice in the skies."

6. Dom Dolla - You

"I can't wait."

7. Jesper Jenset - Lies

"You want it your way,
Always your selfish behaviour.
First in the bed then on the floor,
Always tell me to come save you."

8. Machineheart - Speak In Tongues

"I will move,
Give you rhythm.
Speak in tongues,
'Til you listen."

9. Gorgon City (feat. Katy Menditta) - Imagination

"Imagine I was good again, but you still see me the same.
And baby, why can't you pretend that nothing here has changed?
Let's rewind,"

10. Angelika Vee - All Nighter (Alex Leon Remix)

"We're living life outside the lines;
Dangerous, no warning signs.
But we've got all the time,
To lose our minds."